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Doyle, Marguerite Mary

Meehan, Michael Francis

  • Born: 22 Jun 1911, Iowa township, Crawford County, Iowa, USA
  • Christened: 26 Jun 1911, Manilla, Crawford County, Iowa, USA
  • Marriage: Doyle, Marguerite Mary on 20 Jun 1942 in St Luke Catholic Church, Detroit, MI
  • Died: 17 Jun 1960, Ft. Belvoir, Fairfax County, Virginia, USA
  • Buried: 22 Jun 1960, Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia, USA
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  • Michael Francis Meehan and Marguerite Mary Doyle Meehan are buried in section 28 - graves 726 and 727 - - For a printable map click on Map of Grave Locations
  • Due to bad communication or human error between the Veteran Affair's Office of Crawford County, Iowa and Carlyle Memorial, Denison, Iowa: - Michael F. Meehan's name is engraved on the Memorial located on the Crawford County Court House Lawn as "Mehan Michael F". Please check out the Memorials below where he is listed correctly . . .

bullet  General Notes:

Crawford County Court House, Recorders Office, Denison, Iowa
NO: Book 3, page 163
NAME OF CHILD: Meehan, Michael Francis
SEX: male
DATE OF BIRTH: 22 June 1911
AGE: 34
Baptized on June 26h, 1909 at Sacred Heart Church in Manilla. Fr P. J. Murphy was the priest.
James O'Connor and Mrs. Peter (Ellen Frances .Meehan) Lally were the sponsors.

AGE: 25


On left Dad (M/Sgt Michael F. Meehan) shortly after he was born in 1911
In the middle are Mary Meehan Hederman, Clare Meehan, Dad and Uncle Bud (John Joseph Meehan Jr.)
Dad's graduation from Denison High in 1932

By the end of 1929, the country was changing. The stock market had crashed and the economy was heading into a very deep recession, which turned into a very deep depression by the early 1930ís. Aunt Mary finished school in Denison in 1925. Aunt Clare finished high school in 1926. They both got jobs as book keepers with local companies and were able to keep their jobs into the Great Depression. The Great Depression was extremely hard on the farmers and Iowa in general. Unemployment was between 25% and 30% in most large cities. In Iowa this reached 50%. Large numbers of Iowanís lost their farms.

Altar Boys at Sacred Heart Church - Manilla 1922 Father Parle called these boys his "twelve apostles".
Back row (left to right): Jas. Healy, Lyle Barrett, Mark Carey, Farther Parle, and Francis Hanrahan.
Second row; Clare McDermott, John Meehan, John Smith, Francis Meehan.
Front row; Vincent Barrett, Morelle Knott, Louis Knott, John McDermott (who became a priest in 1940).

Iím not sure if it was do to the economy or the death of Grandpa John Joseph Meehan Sr., but Dad did not finish high school until he was 21 in 1932. I can not find any record of Uncle Bud ever finishing high school. I assume that the boys stayed home and helped Grandma OíConnor Meehan farm. I know that Uncle Bud loved farming and did it until his death in 1954. Dad (Michael Francis Meehan) did finish high school in 1932 when he was 21. Dad would have been old enough to be considered the grandfather to most of the other high school students, who were 3 to 4 years younger than him. FYI, I graduated from Denison High School exactly 30 years later in 1962.

Denison High School Graduation from 1932
Dad (Michael F. Meehan) is in the 2nd row from the bottom and is 2nd from the right.

Dad remained in Denison and helped on the farm for a few years. Either because of the depression or when the depression was starting too easy and when he knows that the family farm was okay he moved to Detroit to live with Cousin Irene Hickey, who was the Home Economist with Detroit Natural Gas Company.

On the left Dad (Michael F. Meehan in 1940
In the middle Dad (Michael F. Meehan) and Mom (Marguerite Mary Doyle) in 1941
On the right Dad (Michael F. Meehan) and Mom (Marguerite Mary Doyle) Wedding Photo in 1942


Miss Irene Hickey was a very unique woman. In 1909 her mother Bridget Meehan Hickey died and she never accepted the new wife of her father (Thomas Hickey). She moved out of her home as a teenager and moved in with her Aunt (Nell) Ellen Meehan Lally, Mrs. Peter James Lally. When she finished high school, she managed to get a scholarship to what is now Iowa State University. She taught school to help earn money while she went to college during the 1914 to 1918 period. Shortly after graduating from college she got a job with Detroit Natural Gas and worked her way up to the head of the home economics department. In 1955, she was listed in the book of Who's Who of American Women.

In the mid 1930's, she suggested that my Dad (Michael Francis Meehan) and her nephew Francis Thomas Hickey move to Detroit since jobs were very few jobs during the depression in Iowa. She offered her home and found work for them at the Detroit Natural Gas Company. Miss Hickey (we all called her Miss Hickey) had a very exclusive home in Gross Point Farms. In 1940 when my dad wanted to meet a nice girl in Detroit, she managed to work with a very good friend who was a supplier to Detroit Natural Gas at the time to find Dad a nice girl. This friend was James Crimmins, a salesman for Magic Chief Appliances. He was married to Catherine Veronica Doyle (Aunt Verne). In 1940, he invited Dad to his home and introduced him to my mother, Marguerite Mary Doyle. They were married on June 20th, 1942. When I was born on April 5th, 1943, she was my god mother. In March of 1961 when my mother died, she moved down to Virginia and took care of me for 1 month while I finished my junior year in high school at Garfield High in Woodbridge, VA. She was and will always be Miss Hickey to me.

In the picture on the left - Dad (Michael F. Meehan) is on the right
In the picture on the right - Dad is kneeing in front

Early in the 21st century before he died, Frank Hickey said that she was a Guardian Angel to both he and my Dad. She was also my god mother and my guardian angel. We will cover more about Miss Hickey in her section of this story. Dad went to work at the Detroit Natural Gas Company and also attended The University of Detroit at night. His reenlistment papers in 1946 indicated that he had two years of college, which I know he earned going to school at night between 1937 and 1943.

In the picture on the left - Dad (Michael F. Meehan) is on the right
In the middle picture - Dad is on the left
In the picture on the right - Dad is on the left..

World War II started in Europe in 1937, but the United States entered the war when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941. Dad had tried to join the Navy after he finished high school in 1932, but was turned down because of several problems including a history of Rheumatic Fever, Flat Feet and a Hammer Toe. As soon as World War II started, Dad was sent a draft notice and was initially deferred due to the Hammer Toe, but was finally inducted January 21st, 1943. Dad was sent to Benjamin Harrison in Indianapolis, Indiana for advance training in Finance

In the picture on the left - Dad (Michael F. Meehan) and Mom (Marguerite Mary Doyle)
In the picture on the right - Dad is on the left..

Michael married Marguerite Mary Doyle, daughter of James Eugene Doyle and Sarah Ellen Lynch, on 20 Jun 1942 in St Luke Catholic Church, Detroit, MI. (Marguerite Mary Doyle was born on 22 Jul 1913 in Guelph Ontario, Canada, died on 15 Mar 1961 in Woodbridge, Virginia, USA and was buried on 17 Mar 1961 in Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia, USA.)

Dad on Maneuvers in Germany

Dad always had a smile on his face and could make friends easily. My nephews Justin and Jamie always remind me of him. He was considered a good friend to many and a loving Dad to Marty and I. In 1951 when I broke my leg in Germany, Dad carried me up and down 3 flights of stairs everytime I needed to leave the apartment. I've always been a heavy and at the time weighed 95 lbs, but dad never complained and was always there for me. Dad always loved serving his country and would be proud to be burial at Arlington National Cemtery, and honored by the American Legion Memorial in Marion Iowa and at the War Memorial in Grosse Pointe, Michigan shown below.

Dad (M/Sgt Michael F. Meehan) name on the memorials in Marion, Iowa (top) and Gosse Pointe, Michigan (bottom)

Michael Francis Meehan served his county from 1943 to 1960. Stationed initially at Fort Benjamin Harrison and then, several other Army Bases throughout the United states and Germany. Dad was promoted to Master Sergeantt (M/Sgt) in 1946. A few of the bases where dad was stationed include Fort Carson, Colorado; Fort Sheridan, Illinois; Fort Custer, Battle Creek, Michigan; Seventh Army Headquarters,Camp Patch, Vaihingen, Germany and Fort Belvoir, Virginia. Dad died while serving our country on June 17th, 1960.

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