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    The James Doyle and Sarah Ellen Lynch Story

  • Born: 21 Jul 1868, Puslinch Twp, Ontario, Canada
  • Christened: The Church of Our Lady, Guelph, Ontario, Canada
  • Marriage: Doyle, James Eugene on 30 Sep 1891 in The Church of Our Lady, Guelph, Ontario, Canada
  • Died: 7 Aug 1954, Detroit, Wayne, MI, USA
  • Buried: 10 Aug 1954, Holy Sepulchre Catholic Cemetery, Southfield, Michigan, 16/343/12

bullet  Sarah Ellen Lynch Story

Sarah married James Eugene Doyle, son of Michael (M.P.) Patrick Doyle and Catherine Theresa McDonald, on 30 Sep 1891 in The Church of Our Lady, Guelph, Ontario, Canada. (James Eugene Doyle was born on 23 Dec 1867 in Maynooth, Ontario, Canada, died on 6 Jun 1951 in Detroit, Michigan and was buried on 8 Jun 1951 in Holy Sepulchre Catholic Cemetery, Southfield, Michigan, 16/343/11.)

Sarah Ellen was Thomas and Ellen's eighth child born July 21st 1868, and baptized May 8 1869 with Andrew Farrell and Catherine Farrell her godparents. She grew-up to be a very attractive lady as shown in the figures below. Sarah made a trip to Walla Walla, Washington to visit her sister Margaret Ann Ryan before she was married.

In the picture on the left starting in the back row are James Lynch 1864-1922; Michael Leo Lynch 1866-1924. In the front row are Katherine Lynch Brickell Furlette 1870-1947; Joseph Patrick Lynch 1870-1947; Mary Lynch Bicker 1862-1941; Sarah Lynch Doyle 1968-1954.
In the picture on the right - left to right; Sarah Ellen Lynch Doyle & Catherine Anastasia Lynch Brickell Furlette circa1888

James Eugene Doyle, and Sarah Ellen Lynch were married September 30th, 1891 at The Church of Our Lady, Guelph and Edward Doyle (his brother) and Katherine Lynch (her sister) were their attendants. They went to Detroit and boarded a boat to Cleveland for their honeymoon. Sarah’s brothers, Martin, Thomas and James were all reported to have lived in Cleveland at one time so perhaps she visited them. On their return, they settled on one of Michael Patrick’s (M.P.'s), who was Grandpa Doyles Dad, farms - Lot 14, Concession 5, Puslinch Township.

It was a hard life for the young couple with children coming along quickly and having to comply with Michael Patrick (M.P.) Doyle's orders concerning the farming activities. James never argued with his father but kept out of his way whenever possible. Many a time Sarah would tell M.P. that James was in one of the back fields when in fact he was sleeping in his bed. M.P trusted and respected Sarah and in many cases, it was Sarah (Grandma Doyle) who made the major decisions in the family. Sarah and James had twelve children with ten surviving. In the picture on the right, Grandma Sarah is shown with her first three children; Leo Michael, Thomas Harvey and Irene Mary (Irene Mary Doyle Clair) and her cousin Ellen Fitzpatrick.

Grandpa James and Grandma Sarah had double trouble when twin sons were born to them on November 29th, 1896. The twins were great company for each other and had their own language which only they could understand. One day Jim was playing with matches and started a fire in the original log cabin which his great grandfather, Patrick Doyle, had erected on coming to Canada in 1831. Jim had to run quickly to keep ahead of his great uncle, Tom Doyle, who was very angry.

One by one, James and Sarah's children, other than Irene, headed to the better employment conditions in Detroit. Leo went after his marriage in 1915, James enlisted in the United States Army in the 1914-1918 war and Josephine, Marie and Verne moved there in 1920. To keep the family together, James and Sarah and the remaining children Tom, Joe, Gertrude and Marguerite moved to Detroit in May of 1922.

They rented their farm to John Parker and Tom, acting for the family gave to Mr. Parker a chattel mortgage for their farm implements and livestock for $900.00 plus 15% interest. John Parker defaulted on both the farm leases and chattel mortgage. As a result, an agreement was drawn up on Nov 3rd, 1923 declaring that Mr. Parker must immediately advertise and hold a clearing sale of all his goods, chattels and crops and employ as auctioneer, Charles Crawley of Puslinch. Mr. Parker was also required to shingle the barn roof and had to agree not to burn any rails on the farm. It is not known how much money was raised the day of the sale. The barn burned to the ground some time later and although it could not be proven, the Doyle family believed it was arson.

James and Sarah sold their farm in Puslinch to Frederick Marriott on 22 Nov 1938 for $1800. This seems like such a paltry sum for 100 acres of good farm land, but at that time Canada was still in the grips of the Depression. When M.P. Doyle died in 1912, this farm was valued at $6000, they all had to sign a Quit Claim Release, since M.P. had given the farm to Sarah for Sarah and James natural lives and then to their children.

The Doyles had no money to buy a house in Detroit. They lived with Uncle Joe and Aunt Ida Doyle when they first moved to Detroit. Then they rented, first at 427 West Grand Boulevard from 1922 to 1923, then 2214 McKinstry Avenue and 1510 Artillery Avenue during 1924. By 1938 they were living at 1021 Rademacher, then 1317 Rademacher and in 1942 at 8085 Sorrento, Uncle Tom (Thomas Harvey Doyle) bought their first home – 14010 Rutherford. This is the home that I remember and considered my home in Detroit.

On Sept 30th, 1941, The Doyles were married 50 years. A High mass was celebrated in their honor at Holy Redeemer Church, Detroit. An open house followed at their home and was attended by 100 relatives & friends.

This picture was taken on Grandpa James and Grandma Sarah Doyles 50th Wedding Anniversary, September 30th, 1941, at 8085 Sorrento in Detroit.
In the back row starting at the left are Aunt Marie Doyle, Uncle Leo Doyle, Uncle Tom Doyle, Uncle Joe Doyle and Aunt Jo (Josephine Doyle Matson).
Seating in the front row are Aunt Gert (Gertrude Eileen Doyle Lanouette), Grandma Sarah Ellen Lynch Doyle, Grandpa James Eugene Doyle, and Aunt Verne (Catherine Veronica Doyle Crimmins).
Kneeing in the front is Mom (Marguerite Mary Doyle Meehan).
Not shown in the picture are Aunt Irene (Irene Mary Doyle Clair) and Uncle Jim (James Francis Doyle).

Three months before their sixtieth wedding anniversary, Grandpa James suffered a stroke and passed away ten days later, June 6th, 1951, in his 85th year. He was buried June 8 in Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Detroit. After his death, Grandma Sarah stayed in the house on Rutherford in relatively good health until the summer of 1954. She died of heart trouble on Aug 7th and was buried on the 10th beside her husband in Holy Sepulchre Cemetery. They are buried in 16/343/11&12.

bullet  Marriage Notes

James married Sarah Ellen Lynch, daughter of Thomas Lynch and Ellen Farrell, on 30 Sep 1891 in The Church of Our Lady, Guelph, Ontario, Canada. (Sarah Ellen Lynch was born on 21 Jul 1868 in Maynooth, Ontario, Canada, died on 7 Aug 1954 in Detroit, Michigan and was buried on 10 Aug 1954 in Holy Sepulchre Catholic Cemetery, Southfield, Michigan, 16/343/12.)

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