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Matson, John

Doyle, Josephine Helen

  • Born: 31 Dec 1898, Guelph, Ontario, Canada
  • Marriage: Matson, John on 16 Sep 1929 in Detroit, Michigan
  • Died: 20 Mar 1990
  • Buried: Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Southfield, MI - 20/23/8

bullet  General Notes:

Josephine Helen was born on Dec 31st, 1898 and she was baptized at The Church of Our Lady on Jan 12th, 1899. Her sponsors were her mother's brother, Michael Lynch and her father's sister, Ann Doyle. She went to Downey's School and then to Loretto Academy in Guelph for high school. After graduation, she worked as a stenographer for a firm in Kitchener. The employment picture was much rosier across the border so Josephine moved to Detroit in 1920 with her sisters, Marie and Verne. They lived at the Claridge Apartments until their parents arrived in 1922. Josephine had several excellent jobs during the 1920's until she married John Matson on September 16th, 1929 in Detroit. John was born Dec 1st, 1897 and was an employee of the National Bank of Detroit.

My first memories of Aunt Jo start in the summer of 1956. This was the summer I went over to Canada to work on the farm. I still remember the excellent dinners at the Matson home. Their home was always picked up and appeared to have come right off the front page of a magazine. Uncle Jack was the first person to get a color TV in the early 1960’s (WOW). Judy was always the cutest gal I could remember until I met my wife (Jeanne Marie Drexler Meehan). The whole family could have been right out of a “Leave it to Beaver” TV show.

Aunt Jo attended both funerals for my Dad and Mom in 1960 and 1961,. She quietly helped with the organization and preparation. I can never remember Aunt Jo getting excited or upset about anything. She reminds me of myself. She was always very quiet and when she talked, she had thought through what she was going to say before she said it. When she talked you listen.

In the winter of 1965, I spent the Christmas Holiday in Detroit with my relatives. Around 6:00 pm, three gorgeous girls and I started out from Dubuque, Iowa in my old 1857 Oldsmobile, which Grandma Clare had given me. Just west of Rockford, Illinois, the car blow a head gasket and we were tolled into Rockford, while I was talking to the mechanic, the girls went over to the Howard Johnson, where they talked the waitress into driving us down to Chicago so that three of us could get a bus to Detroit (I girl was from Chicago). Her car died just about 40 miles south of Rockford on I-90 around 11:00 pm on a very cold night. After waiting about 1 hour, two of the gals got out of the car and just stood by the front of the car for 5 minutes. I thought the Semi was going to jack knife trying to stop. He could take us in his semi, but he did call a toll truck, which arrived in about 30 minutes to an hour. He dropped us off at a motel in Elgin, IL. The gal from Chicago called her folks and they picked us up and drove us to the bus station. When I got to Detroit with the other two gals; Cousin Judy and Aunt Jo picked us up at the bus station, we dropped off the two gals and then I spent the week with them. The next day, Uncle Jack Matson went car shopping with me. At the time Cousin Judy was married to Bruce Maher, who was a very well know Detroit Lion football player. He worked for Chrysler in the off season and managed to get me a very good deal on a new 1966 Sports Fury - $2,800.00. Uncle Jack took a short term loan for the money and Grandma Clare wired the funds to him. Anyway, my first car was purchased with funds from Uncle Tom Doyle’s estate and with the help of Uncle Jack Matson. I loved that car, which gave us the combination sports car and family car that we needed at the time. I averaged 30,000 miles per year on the car, which we sold in 1969. As a side note two of the three gals were brave enough to drive back to Dubuque with me (The two from the Detroit area). At the time, I had just starting dating Jeannie Marie Drexler Meehan and she was a little upset about the whole situation. I guess, I would have been a little upset, if she had take off with three good looking guys. Jeannie was and is still the cutest gal of the bunch. I was never able to contact the waitress, who helped us in Rockford. I even stopped to thank her, but she had moved. I’ve lost track of the names of the three gals, who shared one special trip with me in the winter of 1965. As I mentioned, this 1966 Sports Furywas the best car I ever owned - Thanks Uncle Jack. In June of 1966, Aunt Jo, Uncle Jack, Cousin Judy and Judy’s daughter Shelia attended my graduation from Loras College.

Aunt Jo could always focus on a problem or situation. She was one of the best planner’s I have ever met. They had one child, Judith Ann, on Jan 26th, 1939. Jack Matson was made Vice President in charge of the Mortgage Department for the National Bank of Detroit in 1955 and retired in 1962.

bullet  General Notes:

Josephine married John Matson on 16 Sep 1929 in Detroit, Michigan. (John Matson was born on 1 Dec 1897, died on 29 Mar 1985 and was buried in Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Southfield, MI - 20/23/8.)

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