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Doyle, Joseph Anthony

  • Born: 29 Nov 1896, Guelph, Ontario, Canada
  • Died: 29 May 1970, Detroit, Michigan USA
  • Buried: Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Southfield, MI - 16/343/6

bullet  General Notes:

Grandpa James and Grandma Sarah had double trouble when twin sons were born to them on November 29th, 1896. They were named James Francis and Joseph Anthony and baptized at The Church of Our Lady, Guelph on Dec 7. James' sponsors were his mother's brother and sister, Joseph Lynch and Mary Bicker. Joseph's sponsors were his father's brother and sister, Joseph and Elizabeth Doyle. The twins were great company for each other and had their own language which only they could understand. One day Jim was playing with matches and started a fire in the original log cabin which his great grandfather, Patrick Doyle, had erected on coming to Canada in 1831. Jim had to run quickly to keep ahead of his uncle, Tom Doyle, who was very angry. On another occasion, Uncle Joe and Uncle Jim got into Grandma Doyle’s good dishes and were throwing them at each other and have a great time.

Uncle Joe (Joseph Anthony Doyle) was without a doubt my favorite Uncle and I believe my mother’s favorite brother. Irene Giles writes in her book that “Uncle Joe enlisted in the First Depot Battalion, London, Ontario during World War One, served in Canada and was discharged by reason of demobilization on January 14th, 1919, and came home to help is father on the farm. After moving to Detroit, he worked at odd jobs and barbered for his brother, Tom. He was a very gentle person, and did not marry”.

Joe Doyle was the best man at my parents wedding and my Godfather.
This picture was taken at my parents (Micheal Meehan and Marguerite Doyle) wedding in 1942.
Clare Meehan on the left (was the bridesmaids)

I remember a very kind person, who always had time to listen and play with me (Uncle Joe reminded me of Grandpa Doyle, who was also a very gentle person). He had a bed in the basement of 14010 Rutherford and I can remember spending a lot of time in the basement with him. He loved his whiskey and in later life, I can remember stories of relatives bring Uncle Joe home from a family dinner, only to find out that he had slipped out to the local bar when he got home for a drink. I can remember Uncle Joe taking me up to one of the local bars when I was back home from Germany and we played a game where you tried to get the balls into holes with the best score being the small hole in the middle of the circle (Need name of game). There is no doubt that Uncle Joe spent more time with me when I was a young toddler in Detroit than any of my other Uncles and that he loved me and would have done anything for me. He was a very good choice for the “Best Man” at my parents wedding, . Uncle Joe was also my God Father when I was baptized.

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The Doyle Family came from Borris, County Carlow, Ireland.

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