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Doyle, Thomas Harvey

  • Born: 19 Aug 1893, Guelph, Ontario, Canada
  • Died: 11 Apr 1963, Detroit, Michigan USA
  • Buried: Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Southfield, MI - 19/343/6

bullet  General Notes:

Thomas Harvey was born on August 19, 1893. His sponsors when he was baptized on August 27th were his fatherís bother Edward Doyle and sister Mary. Tom had a serious nature and was more of a businessman than his older brother Leo. When he finished schooling, he stayed to help his father with the farm work. In 1921, he bought a pedigree Clydesdale horse named Tilly Acme. On 18 Feb 1922, Tom bought the North-half of Lot 13 Con 4 Puslinch Township from the executors of his grandfather's (M.P. Doyle) estate for $6300. M.P. Doyle did not bequeath this farm to anyone but left its disposition to the discretion of his executors. Tom paid $800 cash and arranged a mortgage from his uncle, John Doyle, for the remainder. Tom moved to Detroit with his parents in 1922 and James Lewis Forestell, who was married to Tom's cousin, moved to this farm with his family. They arranged a farm lease which was drawn up by J.B. Fisher, a Guelph lawyer, on 23 Apr 1923 stipulating the rent to be $450 and the use, possession and care of a sorrel colored colt. The letters Mr. Forestell wrote to Tom in 1922 and 1923 were most cordial but by 1924, when the lease was terminated, the tone had cooled considerably. A lawyer was even consulted as to what could be done regarding two cows leased with the farm that were to freshen but did not do so. In 1924, for insurance purposes, the house was valued at $600, the barn and outbuildings at $1400 and the contents of the building $600. On 1 Apr 1925, another farm lease was arranged for three years between Tom and Victor Meek for $250 a year.

On 9 Nov 1927, Tom sold the farm to his uncle, John Doyle, for $5500, the exact amount of the mortgage. When Tom filled in his United States naturalization papers in 1924, he listed his occupation as a builder and stated that he had arrived in Detroit 10 June 1916. Perhaps he did go over then since his brother, Leo, was living there, but he did not take up permanent residency until May of 1922. He went to work at Ford's in Detroit as a machinist and on 26 Sep 1923 bought Lots 180 and 181 in Plan 1083 in Ford City (Windsor) , Ontario from Hiram C. Walker and others in the Reaume Organization for $800 each. On 19 Oct 1923, Tom also entered into an agreement with William Mclntyre, a real estate broker in Ford City, who owned Lot 226 in Plan 1025. Tom would contribute $300 and would receive half interest in lot and house as tenant in common. There must have been additional dealings because Mr. Mclntyre sent Tom a letter in Dec 1924 stating that he owed Tom $1100, John $1000 and Joseph $150. He says he will pay Tom when he can as he does not want Tom to lose everything. A post script warns Tom that Mr. Mclntyre knows nothing of his bad luck. Perhaps his business dealings with Mr. Mclntyre soured Tom on real estate investments but at any rate he became a barber and was certified by the State of Michigan on 11 Feb 1926. His first barber shop was 1510 Baker Street at the corner of Trumball called Tom's Barber Shop. Another was on Fort Street just around the corner from their house on Rademacher.

14010 Rutherford Ave, Detroit was home to me whenever I was in Detroit.

On 27 July 1944, Tom bought the house at 14010 Rutherford Ave. in Detroit for his parents for $9000. He paid $3500 down and the owners took back a mortgage for the remainder at 5% interest to be paid back at $60 a month. The mortgage was paid off 23 July 1954. Tom continued barbering throughout his life. His last shop was near to the family home on Rutherford.

On 24 Feb 1963, at the age of 69, he suffered a stroke causing considerable brain damage and affecting his power of speech. His family felt that Tom's assistant at the Barber Shop was not being honest with them regarding his business dealings with Tom, but they had no proof. They were in the process of having a guardian appointed when he died, 11 Apr 1963. His funeral was arranged by Ted Sullivan's Funeral Home and he was buried in Section 19/343/6, Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Southfield, Michigan. After his estate was settled, each of his sisters and brothers received $1202.96. When I was a senior in college, I used my share of this settlement to purchase my first car, which was a 1966 sportís fury for $2,800.00. You will hear more of this story when you ready about Aunt Jo, because her husband, Uncle Jack helped me purchase the car.

Irene Giles did a great job of capturing the Uncle Tom, I remembered. He had a favorite chair with a foot stool that he always used when he was home from work. He loved his cigars and would relax in his chair while he smoked his cigar. He was generous as you can tell by the fact that he purchased the home for his Mom and Dad and invite his family to join him, which included me. The home was a beautiful red brick house with a large front porch. It had a small swimming pool built into the one side of the house that was perfect for me as a young toddler. I can remember getting my hair cut in his barber shop on Grand River, which was only 4 blocks from our home on Rutherford. In the 1956 he purchased a Lincoln, which was the first car I ever remember Uncle Tom driving. When he died in 1963, the car still only had a few thousand miles on it. Bruce Maher (Cousin Judy Matsonís husband at the time, purchased the car and ended up putting a lot of money into repairing it due to lack of use. Uncle Tom was a quiet person; the only time I can remember Uncle Tom getting mad was when he blamed Uncle Joe for taking one of his bottles of whiskey in the 1960ís. Even then his way of getting mad was to exclude the person from his world by not talking to him. Until he died, his home was always my home.

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The Doyle Family came from Borris, County Carlow, Ireland.

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