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Dandeno, Ina

Doyle, Thomas Stanislaus

  • Born: 9 Oct 1878, Guelph, Ontario, Canada
  • Marriage: Dandeno, Ina on 15 Aug 1901 in St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church, Hespeler, Ontario
  • Died: 20 Feb 1956, Hespeler, Ontario, Canada
  • Buried: 23 Feb 1956, St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church, Hespeler / St. Mary's Cemetery

bullet  General Notes:

Another son was born to M.P. and Catherine 9 Oct 1878 and was named Thomas Stanislaus. He was baptized 20 Oct 1878 in The Church of Our Lady, Guelph and his sponsors were Charles Barrett and wife Bridget. His glands must have been abnormal somehow as he matured into an enormous man - very tall with a large bone structure. Without a doubt, he was M.P.'s favorite son, since he agreed with his father on everything and only said what he knew M.P. wanted to hear.

M.P. chose him as one of his executors and bequeathed two farms to him, while the other sons (the ones who were not disinherited) just got one. He did not marry until after his mother died and then he chose a lovely girl, Ina Dandeno, who was sixteen years his junior. They were married in St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church, Hespeler, Ontario at 8:30 a.m. 30 Jan 1918. Ina's sister Edna was her bridesmaid and Tom's nephew Thomas Harvey Doyle supported the groom. The groom's gift to the bride was a fur coat. His sister Helen was jealous of Ina, since Thomas was her idol after her dear darling father died.

Tom and Ina had no children of their own but did raise a foster son, Albert Joseph Lynch.

Tom and his brother John farmed Lots 12 and 13, Puslinch and John, a bachelor, lived with Tom and Ina. Tom was very conscious of the fact that he was the great M.P. Doyle's son and lost no opportunity to impress those in his presence. He would buy drinks all round in the Guelph hotels which did a great deal for his ego. In 1920, he was elected as a councillor to the Puslinch Township Council and in 1926 was elected Reeve. He was also secretary-treasurer of the Downey School Board and President and Director of the Puslinch Mutual Fire Insurance Company for many years. Thomas was also instrumental in bringing the rural mail and the telephone to his district. In 1940 he was appointed tax collector for Puslinch Township. There was some talk that he had embezzled some tax money but no evidence of this was found in the Township records. The previous tax collector was convicted of this and sent to prison and this is documented.

Although Thomas inherited two farms from his father, developments prove that he eventually had control over all M.P.'s property, except that given to Joseph and Sarah, wife of James. If anyone should have been disinherited according to the conditions in M.P.'s Will, it would be Thomas. He was a very heavy drinker - a nephew remembers him driving home from Guelph when he was completely inebriated. Tom would also hide liquor in the mangers in the barn so Ina would not discover it.

In 1938, Thomas and John gave up active farming and moved to Lot 1, Con 3, Puslinch, which John had inherited from his father. Tom and Ina moved from there to 127 George Street, Hespeler, in 1947. He died on Monday 20 Feb 1956 in his 78th year, the last of M.P.'s sons. The funeral was 23 Feb from St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church, Hespeler to St. Mary's Cemetery. After his death, Ina moved to St. Joseph's Hospital, Guelph where she ran the tuck shop for the senior citizens living there. She passed away on Sunday 14 Sep 1975 in her 82nd year. Her funeral was 17 Sep at St. Mary's Church, Hespeler and she was buried beside her husband.

When my mother died in March of 1961, Ina sent me a beautiful note from her nursing home room in Guelph. Ina wrote, "I'm am one of your older relatives; my husband who died about 5 years ago was your grandfather's younger brother, so that will make me your great aunt. I remember seeing you, J.J., when you were a little fellow of 1 or 2 years, as we visited at Detroit at your grandfather and grandmother's home and you and your mother were living with them while your father was away in war time. That was in 1944 . . .".

bullet  Marriage Notes:

Thomas married Ina Dandeno on 15 Aug 1901 in St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church, Hespeler, Ontario. (Ina Dandeno died on 14 Sep 1975 and was buried on 17 Sep 1975 in St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church, Hespeler / St. Mary's Cemetery.)

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