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Girard, Ida

Doyle, Joseph Francis S.

  • Born: 22 May 1871, Maynooth, Ontario, Canada
  • Marriage: Girard, Ida on 7 Jan 1904
  • Died: 21 Dec 1938, Detroit, Michigan
  • Buried: Holy Cross Cemetery, Detroit, Michigan

bullet  General Notes:

The last child born to M.P. and Catherine, while they were living in Maynooth, was another son on 22 May 1871 named Joseph Francis. He was confirmed on 21 Oct 1880 in The Church of Our Lady, Guelph. Although he was a much kinder man than his father, M.P. seemed to respect his capabilities and gave him much responsibility. In 1896, when Frank became ill and M.P. sent him west in hopes of regaining his health, Joseph was the one chosen to accompany him. When M.P. acquired a general store in Kings Mill, Michigan he sent Joseph and Annie (Sister Mechtilde) to operate it until he could sell it. This is where he met his future wife, Ida Girard. Her Uncle Frank had a farm near Kings Mill where she spent her summer vacation and met Joseph while shopping in the store. Joseph and Ida fell in love, but before M.P. gave his approval for the wedding, he made a trip to Michigan so he could meet Ida's family and see if she was good enough for his son. He agreed to the match, and they were married on 7 Jan 1904 in All Saints Church, Delray, Michigan. The maid of honor was Ida's sister Agnes and the best man was Joseph's brother John, and they left on a honeymoon to Chicago.

They lived a short time in Kings Mill, but when M.P. sold the store, they took the train to Guelph. M.P. met them in a bobsleigh and took them out to their new home in Puslinch South-half, Lot 13, Con 4. Poor Ida was so frightened! Here she was - a city girl deposited on a farm in winter with her home a log cabin where the wind and snow blew in the chinks of the wall.

Their first child was born on 14 Nov 1904, named Josephine Mary. She was baptized in The Church of Our Lady, Guelph on 20 Nov 1904 and her sponsors were James and Sarah Doyle. The next summer Joseph and Ida moved to another one of M.P.'s farms, which was Lot 1, Con 3, Puslinch (near Hespeler) and their next child, a son, Raphel Joseph, was born there on 11 Nov 1905. Hopefully, Ida's second home was more substantial than the first.

Geneva Elizabeth was born to them 20 Mar 1907 and Lloyd Michael on 7 Feb 1909. M.P. wanted Lloyd named Michael Patrick after him, but Ida refused. She did agree to Michael as a second name but declared that the world certainly did not need another Michael Patrick Doyle. Their fourth child, Ida Francis de Sales was born on 22 Oct 1910.

Ida was never really happy so far away from her family, so M.P. bought a 40-acre farm and a house for them in Windsor. The farm was the easterly part of Lot 54, Con 1, Township of Sandwich West in Essex County and the house was 22 Crawford Avenue, Windsor. This would have been a period for them of making major decisions, as they moved from Puslinch in 1911, but not to the property in Windsor but to Detroit. Perhaps Joseph was leaving all the options open. When M.P. made his Will in February of 1912, one of his executors was his son Joseph, a Puslinch farmer. Maybe Joseph planned to return for the 1912 farm season of planting and harvesting. On hearing the news that M.P. was seriously ill, Joseph and his daughter, Josephine, came from Detroit by train to visit him. Josephine became ill on the train and by the time they reached "Borris" she was swollen up with the mumps. Joseph confided in M.P. that he was considering selling the two properties in Windsor to buy land in Michigan. M.P. advised him to hold onto it since it would become very valuable some day. Joseph held onto it until 1918, but by that time they were firmly settled in Michigan, so he sold it for $5,000. Shortly after, it was sold again for an enormous profit and the race track was opened on the property.

Joseph and Ida's last child, Loretta Agnes, was born on 3 Dec 1912 in Detroit. He worked at Cadillac and dabbled in real estate. With the money he received for the Windsor property, he bought a hotel on Blue Lake in Mecosta, Michigan, which they operated every summer. Josephine took Joseph back to Maynooth to see his birthplace around 1935. After a mild heart attack in 1931, he suffered a major one and died on 21 Dec 1938. He was buried in Holy Cross Cemetery, Detroit. Ida lived another 16years, but died of heart also on 7 Dec 1954. She was buried beside her husband.

bullet  Marriage Notes:

Joseph married Ida Girard on 7 Jan 1904. (Ida Girard was born in 1875 and died on 7 Dec 1954.)

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The Doyle Family came from Borris, County Carlow, Ireland.

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