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Murphy, Catherine

Doyle, Michael Patrick

  • Born: 22 Apr 1865, Maynooth, Ontario, Canada
  • Marriage: Murphy, Catherine on 28 Mar 1889 in St. Simon's Church, Ludington, Michigan
  • Died: 7 Mar 1936, Salina, Kansas
  • Buried: 10 Mar 1936, Ft Scott, Kansas

bullet  General Notes:

M.P. and Catherine's second child was another son born 22 Apr 1865 and was named after his father. He was not the apple of his father's eye since he would not conform to all his edicts. Rumour has it that M.P. sent him to St. Michael's College in Toronto and as a prank one day, he got into the confessional and started hearing confessions. The penitents were aghast at the strange penances and the hoax was uncovered. M.P. was so infuriated that he brought him home, beat him senseless and declared that when he recovered he was free to go anywhere on a one way ticket. His mother, Catherine, nursed him back to health, and advised him to go to Pentwater, Michigan where her two brothers, Elihu and Angus McDonald were living with their families. Angus' wife was Mary Theresa Doyle, a first cousin once removed to Michael. Michael knew them since they had been in the lumbering business in the Maynooth area before moving to Michigan. He would also know the John Roddy family who had moved there from Maynooth when the prosperity declined.

It was in Pentwater where Michael met his future wife. She was Catherine Murphy, born 8 Aug 1868, daughter of John and Susan Keleher Murphy. She was going out with Martin Roddy, but Michael fancied her and stole her away. Their first child, Ellen Catherine, was born 4 Feb 1889 and baptized at St. Simon's Church, Ludington on 27 Mar, her sponsors being Martin and Ellen Roddy. Michael and Catherine were married in the same church on 28 Mar 1889, their attendants were John and Ellen Roddy.

Michael got a job as a trainman with the Missouri Pacific Railroad and moved west to Nevada, Missouri, which is twenty three miles east of Fort Scott, Kansas. Their next two children were born there - John Joseph 17 Nov 1891 and James Michael 21 Feb 1894. In Council Grove, Kansas, situated halfway between Fort Scott and Salina, their fourth child was born, namely Francis Thomas 21 Apr 1896.

They next moved about sixty miles north of Fort Scott to Ossanatomi, Kansas where their last child, William Edward, was born on 14 Apr 1898. Following this, they moved to Salina, Kansas where Michael had the middle finger of his right hand amputated, while working in the rail yards. Their next move was to Fort Scott, Kansas. One night when Michael came home from work, Catherine was very ill with stomach pains, so he called a doctor who told them he was certain she had what they called appendicitis. He said that there was a new operation to remove the appendix, but he had never seen one done and had no idea how to perform it, so Catherine died two days later on 22 Jan 1902. Soon after she died, the children were sent back to Canada to stay with their grandparents (M.P. and Catherine). In subsequent summers, the children often came back to Puslinch and M.P. was very good to them. In fact, he was so good to Ellen that his daughter, Ellen, who idolized him, was jealous. M.P. even offered William some farmland if he would move to Canada, but he chose to go west.

Relations between M.P. and Michael were never very cordial, but Michael did return home a couple of times. In 1895 a newspaper item reported he was home visiting for a couple of weeks with his wife, two boys and a girl. When his brother Frank was coming home to die in 1897, Michael accompanied him home. In subsequent years he was a pallbearer for both of his parents.

In his later years, he often came back to Detroit and Puslinch. His visits were eagerly anticipated since he was a very likeable man and a great story teller. He recalled that he was the conductor on the train taking Cole Younger home after he was released from prison for his escapades with Jesse James. Younger, at this time, was an old man with a long white beard.

For the last three years of his life, he lived with his daughter Ellen (Mrs. Joseph Sullivan) in Salina, Kansas 510 SWest South St.). He died 7 Mar 1936 at the age of 70 and was interred in Fort Scott, Kansas on 10 Mar beside his wife.

bullet  Michael Patrick Doyle (1865-1936) and Catherine Murphy (1868-1902) had five children: one daughter and four sons.

Michael Doyle (MP's second son), wife Catherine Murrphy and their first two children starting
at the left are John Joseph Doyle born on Nov 17th, 1891 and Ellen Catherine Doyle born on Feb 4th, 1889.

Ellen Catherine was born 4 Feb 1889 and baptized in St. Simon's Church, Ludington, Michigan on 27 Mar, her sponsors being Martin and Ellen Roddy. Ellen's mother died when she was thirteen and she and her four brothers came up to Puslinch to stay with their Doyle grandparents. M.P. was willing to keep them, but Michael desired his family to stay together in Kansas so Ellen was destined to take her mother's place and help raise the four boys. She moved to Salina from Kansas City, Missouri when she married Joseph John Sullivan 24 Nov 1915. He was born 23 Dec 1891 in Tampa, Kansas to John Sullivan and Mary Byrne, both of whom were first generation Kansans. Joseph's father died when he was nine days old and his mother supported him by housekeeping for a priest. He became a very successful undertaker in Salina. Ellen and Joseph had three sons of their own and adopted a daughter. John Joseph Sullivan was born 6 Sep 1916. He married Frances Williams 12 Oct 1938 in Salina and was killed in an automobile accident 9 Oct 1940. They had no children. George Leonard Sullivan was born 6 Sep 1917 and married Virginia Idle 25 Apr 1942 in Dallas, Texas. They had three sons: John Mark 9 Dec 1942, Michael George 12 Apr 1944 and David Newell 30 July 1952. Leo Edward Sullivan was born 17 Oct 1920 and remained single. Mary Jo Sullivan was born 21 Feb 1936 in Leavenworth, Kansas and was adopted in May of 1936. Mary Jo married twice - first to Bobby Jean Kersey 5 Feb 1955 and then to Donald Pf annenstial 23 Oct 1967. She had four children by her first husband and two by her second. On 30 Jan 1964, Joseph was returning home to 748 Sherman Street, Salina from the grocery store when he collapsed and died of a heart attack. He had been semi-retired for two years due to a heart condition. The funeral mass was celebrated at St. Mary, Queen of the Universe Church, and burial was in Mount Calvary Cemetery. His wife, Ellen, lived another four years, dying in St. John's Hospital on 30 Mar 1968 after a long illness. During her life she was very active in community affairs. She was a charter member of the Sacred Heart Guild, a founding member of the St. John's Hospital Auxiliary and a charter member of the Kansas State Society for Child Welfare Administration. Her funeral mass was celebrated at the Sacred Heart Cathedral and she was buried beside her husband in Mount Calvary Cemetery.

John Joseph Doyle was the first son born to Michael and Catherine on 17 Nov 1891 in Nevada, Missouri. When he was twelve, he took a short cut home along some train tracks so he would not be late for supper and had his leg cut off by an oncoming train. He married Cora Reed in 1921, had no children and died 15 Dec 1945.

James Michael Doyle was also born when Michael and Catherine were living in Nevada, Missouri on 21 Feb 1894. He married Bertha Elizabeth Johnson on 15 Oct 1923 in Topeka, Kansas. They had one child - Ellen Catherine Doyle born in Topeka 22 June 1926. She married Tunis Jacob Cunningham on 3 June 1948.

The next son, Francis Thomas, was born 28 Apr 1896 in Council Grove, Kansas. He married Jewell Rogers and they had one child -Mary Catherine Doyle. He died in Topeka, Kansas 16 Dec 1955.

Michael and Catherine's last child was William Edward Doyle who was born 14 Apr 1898 in Ossanatomi, Kansas. He married Ida Viola Terry in McPherson, Kansas 2 Mar 1921 and they had two daughters and one son all born in Wenatchee, Washington. Colleen Ellen was born 9 July 1927 and had three husbands but no children. She married James A. Chowen 23 Dec 1946, Joe Hudson 31 July 1966 and Billy Dillard 1 June 1969. Mary Catherine was born 28 May 1932 and married Louis Robert Searles 23 Sep 1951. They had three sons - William Walter 5 Sep 1951, Terry Robert 15 July 1955 and Gary Lee 26 May 1958, who were all born in Wenatchee. Louis Robert Searles died 26 July 1979. Thomas Edward was born 20 June 1933 and married Doris Faye Leroy 15 July 1955 in Coeur D'Alene, Idaho. They had five children: Thomas Edward 22 May 1956, Tammy Faye 15 Feb 1958, Trudy Ann 30 Mar 1961, Timothy Alien 30 Apr 1962 and Tracy Irene 25 Aug 1971. William Edward died 3 June 1956 in Wenatchee and his wife, Ida died 14 Apr 1974.

bullet  Marriage Notes:

Their attendants were John and Ellen Roddy

Michael married Catherine Murphy, daughter of John Murphy and Susan Kellagher, on 28 Mar 1889 in St. Simon's Church, Ludington, Michigan. (Catherine Murphy was born on 29 Aug 1868 in Riverton, Michigan, died on 22 Jan 1902 in Fort Scott, Kansas and was buried on 24 Jan 1902 in Lot 75 at St. Mary's Cemetery, Fort Scott, KS.)

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