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Doyle, Charlotte

Doyle, John Patrick

  • Born: 27 Dec 1826, Borris-Idrone, CAR, Leinster, IRL
  • Marriage: Doyle, Charlotte on 10 Jan 1859
  • Died: 28 Oct 1886
  • Buried: Wea, Kansas

bullet  General Notes:

It is difficult to ascertain just where John Doyle, Patrick and Ann's eldest son, lived prior to his marriage. From Patrick he had inherited Lot 11 in Concession 6 of Peel Township on condition that he clear twenty acres of Lot 12 which John's brother James had inherited. Patrick also stated that John had to relinquish all his claim against Francis Parker before claiming right to the lot in Peel. He is not in the 1851 census for either Puslinch or Peel Townships. He must have been living in Puslinch in 1859, since he is listed as a councillor on the Puslinch Township Council.
On January 10, 1859, John (33) married Charlotte Doyle (20), daughter of Andrew Doyle and Ann McDonald from Guelph in St. Bartholomew's Church. The witnesses were his brother Michael and his sister Bridget. The two Doyle families were not related as Charlotte's family came from near Dublin. Their first child was born on November 25, 1859 and named Patrick Andrew after both his grandfathers. He was baptized on Christmas Day and his sponsors were Michael Doyle and Elisa Duggan. Their second son James was born on January 25, 1862 and baptized February 23 with his sponsors being James Doyle and Sara Doyle. Their third child, another son, was called Christopher Francis and was born March 25, 1864. He was baptized on May 1, 1864 and his sponsors were Martin Spruhan and Bridget Doyle. John and Charlotte were listed in the Church register as living in Puslinch when their first three children were baptized and on an 1861 map of the Township, Lot 17, Concession 4 is owned by John Doyle.
When the 1861 Census was taken, John was around Maynooth and Charlotte with her two year old son, Patrick, was living with her mother and brothers in Puslinch. On June 3, 1861, John wrote from York River, Bancroft to M.P. Hayes, the Crown Lands Agent in Madoc. He asked Mr. Hayes if he could have Lot 10 north on McGrarys Road in preference to 45 and 46. He hopes to have his family up as soon as possible. Something must have happened to prevent him from moving since in September, 1863 he, his wife and family are living with his mother on the Doyle farm in Puslinch. Finally he moved to Doyle's Settlement (Maynooth, Hastings County) in May of 1864. Four more children were born while they lived there. Francis Joseph was born in 1868 and baptized January 13, 1869. His Godparents were John Lynch, who had lived in Puslinch, and Julia Ryan. John was born in March, 1871. Michael was next followed by the baby, Emma Theresa, who was baptized September 14, 1877. One may assume that he was a farmer since he farmed in Puslinch but the 1871 census for Herschel and Monteagle Townships in Hastings County listed him as a tavern keeper. He received the patent for Lots 21, 22, 23, and 24 on East side of the Hastings Road in the Township of Wicklow. On March 12, 1879 he sold these four fifty acre lots to his brother Michael Doyle.
In March of 1879 the whole family moved to Louisburg, Kansas, U.S.A. where his brother James and his sister Bridget had been living since 1870. They settled in Wea, which is north of Louisburg. From State Hospital records in Kansas it appears that a John Doyle was a patient there in 1879 and 1880. It is impossible to know if he had mental problems or maybe just a problem with alcohol. This may have been the reason he lost the tavern in Maynooth. At any rate, Charlotte seems to be the head of the family. In the will of John's brother, James, who died in 1882, a legacy is given not to John but to Charlotte. Evidence also indicates that John was a poor business man.
On August 1, 1883, Charlotte Doyle rented her mule worth $100 to Frederick Wolf for $.50 a day to run his threshing machine. He was careless in the care of the animal and it died on August 10. She filed suit against Wolf and at the trial in Paola in October she was awarded $100 plus seven percent interest and costs. Her witnesses were her sons Frank Doyle and James Doyle. Wolf appealed the case and at the next trial by jury in February 1884, Charlotte won a judgement of $30 and costs. By this time the costs have mounted to more than the value of the mule. Among the witnesses subpoenaed were John Doyle and his sons Frank and James who filed affidavits for their fees stating they had travelled 34 miles and spent four days at the trial.
John died on October 28, 1886 at the age of 60 and was buried at Wea, Kansas.
Nothing more is known of this family.


John married Charlotte Doyle on 10 Jan 1859. (Charlotte Doyle was born in 1839.)

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The Doyle Family came from Borris, County Carlow, Ireland.

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