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Blogs on Ireland by JJ Meehan

My blogs on Ireland are based on my desire to learn about Ireland through the eyes of those living in Ireland. In most cases, co-contributors in Ireland helped me develop these blogs. I am always looking for new contributors in Ireland. If you would be interested in contributing to my blogs please contact me at the E Mail Address below. Many thanks to my contributors. This site also contains links to blogs by other writers and links to other Genealogy and Historical WEB Sites on Ireland.

City of Dublin
County Dublin, Ireland

Donore, Co. Meath. Ireland
“Newgrange older than the Giza Pyramids in Egypt”

County Mayo, Ireland

City of Kilkenny
County Kilkenny, Ireland

City of Cork
County Cork, Ireland

County Cork, Ireland

Adare Manor
County Limerick, Ireland

County Carlow, Ireland.

City of Ennis
County Clare, Ireland

County Clare, Ireland

County Clare, Ireland

Aillwee Cave
County Clare, Ireland

County Kerry, Ireland

County Kerry, Ireland


Irish History Podcast
Excellent Site for info on the history of Ireland.

Church Records for Ireland
submitted by Maureen O'Connor

Ireland Genealogy Project & Archives
submitted by Maureen O'Connor

Tombstone List for County Kerry
submitted by Maureen O'Connor

Ireland Old Newspapers
submitted by Maureen O'Connor

County Carlow Website
This WEB Site is located in County Carlow, Ireland

County Carlow Baptismal Records
This WEB Site is contains the Baptismal Records for County Carlow stating in the late 1700's.

County Carlow Library
This is the Library for County Carlow, Ireland and an excellent resource for information on County Carlow

Find a Grave
This site allows you to look up Grave Stones in Ireland and other places

Linkpendium Meehan Family
Surname Genealogy, Family History, Family Tree, Family Crest

County Clare Library, Ireland
This is the WEB Site for the Library of County Clare, Ireland

Blog for Irish research tips: "Help! The Faerie Folk Hid My Ancestors!"

Blog about emigration and diaspora by Noreen Bowden."

The National Archive of Ireland
Excellent Source of information including Census data for Ireland plus
Links to several excellent Genealogy Sites around Ireland.

Knockainy Cemetary
History will unveil new evidence soon, of the events that led to properties, lands and castles, which were transferred from one Irish family to another. Specifically I’m speaking to the historical events leading up to eastern Clare civil war of 1172 to 1318. This was the time when history was rewritten by Turlough O’Brien and the MacNamaras of East Clare.

The 1911 Irish Census
This is from the National Archive of Ireland.

Irish History Podcast
Excellent Site for info on the history of Ireland.

Irish Death Notice Index
Ireland Old News
Irish Death Notice Index
Some death notices can be found at For names extracted from The Obituary Daily Times, refer to the Publications List for the source. See Chapman Codes forcounty and country abbreviations.

Irish History Podcast
Excellent Site for info on the history of Ireland.

eircom PhoneBook
Phone Book for Ireland

Cork Independent
The Cork Independent is Cork’s leading free weekly newspaper with a readership of approximately 180,000 in Cork City and County. Local news, sport, business, entertainment and columnists. It is also available at Join our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter

Go Where Ireland takes You
Go Where Ireland Takes you is a Travel Service in the UK that specializes in Ireland. In addition to being a being a great source of information on your next trip to Ireland their WEB site is full of excellent information on Ireland.

Croaghaun mountain, Achill, County Mayo, Ireland
Submitted by Paula G in County Mayo - Deirdre Davys

EMIGRANTS & EXILES Available from
by Kerby A. Miller
"The most comprehensive effort at a synthesis of the history of Irish emigration in the past half-century."


Music by Lisa Kelly (Celtic Woman)


The Lake Isle Of Innisfree - With Tony Bardon

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