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My Blogs are called “Fly High and Fast”. This is also my hope for you – Safety. "Fly High and Fast” means having a safe journey while flying or just living. If you are “Flying High and Fast” there is very little chance that you will hit something or experience what is called a “Stall” which means that your airplane does not have enough speed to keep it in the air. I hope all of you have a safe journey through life - “Fly High and Fast”.

Vol. I: Chapter 1 - Introduction

Vol. I: Chapter 2 - - AD-6 Engine (R-3350)

Vol. I: Chapter 3 - B-17 Bomber Crashes near Denison, IA USA in 1944

Vol. I: Chapter 4 – Oldest Boeing Airliner In Flying Condition

Vol. I Chapter 5: Cedar Rapids, Iowa USA “The Floods of 2008”

Vol. I: Chapter 6 – The most amazing airplane in History - Heavy Bomber K-7

Vol. I: Chapter 7 – SR-71 Blackbird

Vol. II Chapter 1: The Thrill of Learning

Vol. II Chapter 2: The Wagon Wheel, Rockton, IL; Denison, Ottumwa, and Wadena, Iowa

Vol. II Chapter 3: Pinehurst, NC and Washington D.C.

Vol. II Chapter 4: New Orleans, LA

Vol. II Chapter 5: Trips to Kansas City, MO, Omaha, NE and Chicago, IL

Vol. II Chapter 6: Flying Arizona

Vol. II Chapter 7 – Flying IFR with Low Ceilings

Vol. II Chapter 8 - Michigan and Niagara Falls, NY

Vol. II Chapter 9 – Chicago, IL and Detroit, MI USA – Flying around weather

Vol. II Chapter 10: Flying Iowa USA

Vol. II Chapter 11: Flying – Macon, Georgia and College Station, Texas USA

Vol. II Chapter 12: Flying Weather Part I

Vol. II Chapter 13: Flying Weather Part II

Vol. II Chapter 14 Omaha, Nebraska

Vol. II Chapter 15 Flying Weather Part IIII

Vol. II Chapter 16: Western Half of the USA - Part 1

Vol. II Chapter 17: Western Half of the USA - Part 2

Vol. II: Chapter 18 – Experimental Aircraft Association Convention (EAA) in Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Vol. II: Chapter 19 – Piper Navajo

Vol. II Chapter 20: Indianapolis, Indiana

Vol. II Chapter 21: Dallas Texas and Chattanooga, Tennessee

Vol. II Chapter 22: Kansas

Vol. II Chapter 23: Dakotas

Vol. II Chapter 24: Minnesota

Vol. II Chapter 25: Austin Minnesota
Austin Texas

Vol. II Chapter 26: The Twin Cities
Minneapolis & St. Paul, Minnesota

Vol. II Chapter 27: Lake of the Woods

Vol. II Chapter 28: Kansas City, Kansas
Washington, Missouri

Vol. II Chapter 29: Kirksville

Vol. II Chapter 30: Missouri
St. Louis
Kansas City

Fly High and Fast – Vol. II Chapter 31: Kansas City

Vol. II Chapter 32: Missouri
Western Missouri

Fly High and Fast – Vol. II Chapter 33: Missouri
Lake of the Ozarks

Vol. II Chapter 34: St. Louis
In Process

Fly High and Fast – Vol. II Chapter 35
Medical Transfer Flight
Detroit, Michigan
Willow Run Airport

Volume II Chapter 36

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